Here's just a small sampling of the award-winning inspirational films and cause projects we've created for clients. 

Documenting Grumeti Fund’s Enterprise Development and scholarship programs

Located between the Serengeti Preserve and neighboring villages is Grumeti Preserve. Over 300,00 acres of land that serves as a buffer zone between Serengeti and civilization. And while Grumeti Fund is legendary for its wildlife conservation efforts with elephants, rhino, lions and the other wildlife that occupy the reserve, it has created remarkable programs to fight poaching. While their anti-poaching patrols are famous, they have also invested in education and business training. Those who poach are often those who have no other way to provide for their families. Job training and education can help them find a new and productive life. These series of films capture the efforts of Grumeti Fund through individual, inspirational films.

This story talks about Pius, a former poacher, who through entrepreneur training with Grumeti Fund and a donation of 30 beehives, now is a successful beekeeper and shopkeeper in Tanzania.

This video tells the story of Grace, who as a young woman in Tanzania had no other way to provide for her family but by poaching. After entrepreneur training from Grumeti Fund, she now is a successful and thriving seamstress.

This video tells the story of Pili, who struggled until she received entrepreneur training from Grumeti Fund. She now is a successful shopkeeper who plans on opening a restaurant. She speaks of the hardships young women face in Tanzania.

This video follows the story of young Pauline and how she feels education will affect her life. Pauline talks to how young women can often drop out of secondary school because of cultural practices.

All videos were shot, directed, produced and edited by For All Humankind

documenting the dolomites trek for Mt Sobek

As part of our on going efforts to promote environmental conservancy and encouraging adventure tourism, here is a series of films we shot for our client Mt Sobek.

Shot, directed and edited by For All Humankind

Glacier national park

Awareness of Glacier National Park is low. Even more so because it doesn't have many recognizable landmarks from the road as does Yosemite or Grand Tetons. For All Humankind shot a video that shows the glory of Glacier's backcountry and how people of virtually any age can access it. These videos were shot, directed and edited in-house at For All Humankind.

Glacier NP: shot, directed and edited by For All Humankind.

REgional hospice fundraiser video

Regional Hospice and Palliative Care Center in Danbury, CT, needed a video to share the amazing work they do for patients and caregivers. This award-winning video demonstrates how Regional Hospice helps people live the rest of their life with dignity, come to terms with their life, reconnect with family and friends and spend their remaining days living the best life they possibly can. 

Shot, directed, edited and produced by For All Humankind.


When the River Church in NYC decided to leave the Evangelical denomination and accept the LGBTQ community, they lost 50% of their members. This film captures the convictions of their pastors, testimonials of acceptance by the LGBTQ community and the pride all of their members share about their church's courageous stand. This film has won several awards and numerous accolades including acceptance into the Toronto Short Film Festival.

Produced, directed, shot and edited by For All Humankind.

documenting the beauty of the cordillera blanca, peru.

As part of our on going efforts for conservancy and protecting our national parks, here is an award winning film we shot in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru, for our client Mt Sobek.  This film won Best Action Reel Award at the Destination Unknown Festival.

Produced, shot, directed and edited by For All Humankind.

Documenting the March for our lives march in Washington, D.C.

The March For Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. was notable not only for the masssive turn out and impactful speakers, but also for the huge number of grade school and middle school age children who attended. Instead of focusing on the speakers, For All Humankind recorded the voices and protests of these school age children and their teachers in this short film.

Produced, shot and edited by For All Humankind

Documenting the tragedy of the nepal earthquake for Doctors of the World

For All Humankind travelled to Nepal and documented and blogged for Doctors of the World, (an NGO on the ground in the earthquake devastated areas) about the efforts DOTW were bringing to this ravaged region. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.51.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.52.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 7.52.17 PM.png

Photographed by and written by For All Humankind.

Documenting the beauty of the canadian rockies

As part of our on going efforts for conservancy and protecting our national parks, here is video we shot in Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Shot, directed and edited by For All Humankind.

Triple Negative breast cancer foundation video for their annual fundraiser

For the TNBC Foundation's Annual Fundraiser, we created and directed this film with our production partner, Hero Content. This film helped celebrate survivors of Triple Negative Breast Cancer and the doctors who lead the fight against it. 

Directed by For All Humankind, produced in conjunction with Hero Productions.

historical career work



Dawn saves wildlife

During our advertising career, we helped turn a dishwashing liquid into a cause driven brand that also sells dishwashing liquid. Dawn Saves Wildlife created advocates for a brand that previously only had consumers. Dawn Saves Wildlife was a social media campaign, web site and seven award winning documentaries.



During our advertising career, we helped Citi redefine itself from a bank to a funder of change around the world. How would a bank born in New York bring change to that city? CitiBike. The agency we ran, designed the bike, the app, promotional materials and even created Saturday test rides for skeptical New Yorkers. This campaign has won Effies, One Show Pencil and was named Ad Age and Creativity's Integrated campaign of the year.  

doctors of the world

During our advertising career, we noticed it was hard to engage those in the United States about the Ebola crisis who were unaffected. To gain more awareness for our client, Doctors of the World, we pivoted off a cultural impact point. During Halloween, people were buying Ebola costumes. Some felt this was cruel and tasteless. We decided to turn the year's most controversial Halloween costume into a donation device. Our communication: go ahead and buy your Ebola costume, just make sure the day after Halloween you donate a real one to Doctors of the World. This Cannes award winning campaign garnered a huge amount of free press, on air stories and, yes, donations.  

doctors of the world help make the ebola fighter time magazine's person of the year.

As America started to lose interest in the Ebola crisis still raging in Africa, the ad agency we led decided to try to keep the efforts of organizations like our client, Doctors of the World, front and center. How? How about helping make the Ebola worker Time Magazine's Person of the Year. The agency and client gathered close to a hundred thousand signatures on our petition. Imagine how gratified we were when a month later we went to the newsstand and saw that the Ebola worker had become Time's person of the year. Stunt? Promotional campaign? PR effort? Whatever you call it, this campaign won countless awards and recognition for our client's efforts in fighting the Ebola crisis.